TDM400 Analog Interface Card
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4 Ports FXO/FXS, No additional driver required.

Designed for
The TDM400 is a PCI compliant card that supports FXS and FXO station interfaces for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC, It supports a combination of S2 or O2 modules for a total of 4lines.Using Asterisk PBX software and standard PC hardware a user can create a SOHO telephony environment which includes all the sophisticated features of a high end
PBX / Voicemail platform.

TDM400 (PCI) 

S2 Module

O2 Module

S2 Module(2 FXS Ports):
The S2 is a module with 2 FXS ports to terminate two analog telephone.
O2 Module(2 FXO Ports):
The O2 is a module with 2 FXO ports to terminate two analog PSTN(POTS) lines.
Why choose TDM400
TDM400 is designed to fully support Zaptel compatible hardware. You need only to add the corresponding Driver Module on Asterisk Software, and no need to change any code of Asterisk.
• Much better than TDM400P in quality & stability, and save almost 50% money.
• 100% compatible with Asterisk, and run as good as TDM400P.
• Timely technical support and services are available, 3 years warranty.
• Intuitive LED, Red light for FXO port and Green light for FXS port.
• Mini Version of TDM800. It’s quality is on a par with that of TDM800, and shorter than half-length.
Easy to install, no training required

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