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snom ONE is the core component of the snom complete communications solution, advancing the evolution of snom products into an enhanced, end-to-end, scalable voice solution.

snom ONE is available as a hardware and a software solution:



Hardware solution:


snom ONE plus

snom ONE plus, combined with snom IP phones, is a reliable, easy to implement out-of-the-box solution. Pre-installed with snom ONE IP-PBX software, the snom ONE plus represents a highly convenient purpose-built hardware solution supporting the full range of snom features.



Software solution:

snom ONE blue

  • unlimited extensions
  • all features
  • multi tenant up to 5 companies
  • no limits!

snom ONE yellow

  • up to 20 extensions
  • all features
  • no limits!



snom ONE is available as a hardware and a software solution:

The snom ONE pbx in all its three versions include the key features that user have come to expect from a modern communications system: conference rooms, auto attendants, hunt groups and queues are crucial features to only name a few.

In order to maximize the convenience for each user, incoming calls can simultaneously ring any of the snom IP phones as well as connected cell phones, which means an increase in usability for every user. The snom ONE also provides a huge range of standard extension features such as hot desking, voicemail to e-mail, call screening and call redirections along with presence and monitoring. In addition the snom ONE is also equipped with paging features for use with the snom IP phones family and also the snom PA1 paging device.

Communication via snom ONE is secure. The snom ONE supports secure web access though HTTPS, the security of phone calls are achieved by using TLS and SRTP. In addition snom ONE supports operation in environments with multiple IP addresses.

PSTN Connectivity
With the snom ONE, calls can be made into the public telephone network (PSTN) either by standard PSTN gateways or by SIP trunking providers. The snom ONE supports a range of other products, such as fax, as long as they support the SIP protocol.

CRM Integration
snom ONE also increases the productivity of each user by supporting CSTA, which allows an easy integration into existing CRM systems. It also supports multiple languages and multiple time zones, which can be set up on system and user level.