UC Infrastucture

UC Infrastucture
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Polycom® RealPresence® Platform

The Polycom® RealPresence® Platform is the most comprehensive software infrastructure for universal video collaboration, powering Polycom’s market-leading HD telepresence and video solutions.

  • Bring people face-to-face from anywhere over telepresence with highly scalable, reliable, secure, and redundant infrastructure that helps to ensure business continuity.
  • Create a seamless UC environment that drives adoption through ease-of-use within normal business workflows (IM’ing, calendaring, and e-mailing, for example).
  • Ensure interoperation with hundreds of unified communications and business applications through the unique open-standards approach of the Polycom RealPresence Platform, which supports large-scale premises, hosted and cloud delivery of video as a service.
  • Protect investments through forward and backward compatibility with existing and future systems. Drive down TCO and accelerate ROI through Polycom’s unique ability to use as much as 50% less network bandwidth while providing 3.5 times greater resource capacity than alternatives.

Platform Functions: Five Ways to Improve Collaboration

The Polycom RealPresence Platform is a key part of Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions which are made up of the platform, the applications that interoperate with our platform, the services we offer, and open standards-based interoperability with the broad range of environments and devices that we support with HD, enterprise-grade video collaboration. The five functional areas spanned by the Polycom RealPresence Platform are described in the diagram below.

Extend Platform with Interoperable Products from Polycom Partners

Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions interoperate with hundreds of products and services offered by Polycom’s global ecosystem of partners so that you can choose best-of-breed solutions that are right for your organization with the assurance that they will work together.

  • IM/Presence. IM (Instant Messaging) and Presence (the ability to see whether someone is online or not) applications connect people in real-time through text-based communication. For example, Microsoft’s and IBM’s IM/Presence and desktop video clients are integrated with room, mobile and desktop video systems through the RealPresence Platform.
  • Call Control. Applications that provide central telephony functions such as call routing and value-added features like Call Waiting and Call Forward. If you use call control applications from Microsoft, Siemens, BroadSoft, Cisco and Avaya (to name a few), you can use the RealPresence Platform to integrate and simplify HD video and voice communication.
  • Web Conferencing. Online collaboration services that let dispersed groups meet and share/edit content. You can use Polycom solutions with all the major players in Web conferencing to enhance meetings, training events, lectures, and presentations with interactive HD video.
  • Video Collaboration. Polycom interoperates with the broadest range of video collaboration vendors, including its fiercest competitors (because that’s what our customers want).
  • Mobility. Polycom is partnering with mobile industry leaders including Alcatel/Lucent, Apple, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Juniper, Microsoft, Motorola, RIM and Samsung, to extend HD collaboration for individuals and groups across mobile networks and connect back into corporate video rooms.
  • Social. The exploding social networking phenomenon is now leaping the firewall and moving into businesses to change the way people work and communicate. Jive Software and other social business applications will integrate with the RealPresence Platform to bring business-grade video collaboration to this exciting new market.
  • Universal Video Collaboration

    Universal Video Collaboration

    Software for multipoint video, voice, and content collaboration that connects multiple protocols, enabling people to connect at highest quality for lowest cost


  • Video Resource Management

    Video Resource Management

    Software for multipoint video, voice, and content collaboration that connects multiple protocols, enabling people to connect at highest quality for lowest cost


  • Virtualization Management

    Virtualization Management

    Software for managing and distributing calls across networks with the scalability, redundancy, and resiliency—up to 25,000 concurrent sessions and 75,000 device registrations on up to 64 video servers


  • Universal Access and Security

    Universal Access and Security

    Software that easily and securely connects video participants inside and outside the organization


  • Video Content Management

    Video Content Management

    Software for secure video capture (recording and playback), as well as content management, administration, and delivery of video content.